Pouring water over his face as he’s sat in the sink, face turned to the window, sun warming his closed eyes – that feeling, right?  Makes you want to head off somewhere warm…

A selection below from this beautiful shoot, featuring three generations and the sweetest dog who’d be happy to spend all his time rolling around on his back if he had his way:

mum holding baby in stripes, dog sniffing baby's head mum sat in chair with baby and welsh terrier in front of them

baby having a bath in the sink, making a face at his mum, documentary

baby with water on his head, sitting in sink, eyes closed

baby sleeps on shoulder, wearing bonnet, black and white

baby being passed to grandmother, documentary black and white

baby's little feet up against mum's striped top

mum dries baby carefully after bath, documentary family photo

mum and dad share a kiss while baby sleeps in mum's arms

grandmother, mum and baby, 3 generations together, black and white

baby lays in a lap with lots of hands coming from out of shot

mum bathes baby in sink, documentary black and white

mum smiles at baby, her hair being pushed back

Mum with baby, quiet moment touching foreheads, both wearing stripes

mum in stripes leans over her baby, his head in her hand, black and white

baby stares right at camera, hand to face, colour documentary

baby gives a salute on mum's lap

baby lies in mum's lap, staring off into the distance

Father kisses baby in stripes, black and white