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As my friend threw his little nephew up in the air, giggles getting louder and louder, I pressed the button on my ancient, bright red, plastic point and shoot (it was unkillable!). When I developed the film, immediately I had a huge smile on my face – yeah, my framing was off and back then I knew nothing about natural lighting but it captured the feeling – you know when you get that one iphone shot that catches the moment perfectly? That was the start of it for me.

Fast forward 15 years, following a career making documentaries for TV and film – it took just one photo shoot with a friend’s kids to see how I could do family photography in a way that was honest, raw and suited to people who are after something a bit different, those little moments you see each day and want to record forever.

Based in Richmond, London, I bring a documentary style to photo sessions in your own home, there isn’t the formality of a studio shoot, we get to hang out for an hour or so and create some great photos for your wall.


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Beach & Bugs

Incredible morning at the beach with this lot, wrapped up in a multitude of layers, scarves, hats.  Despite the glorious mid-winter sunshine it was freezing plus the kids were valiantly fighting colds.  Didn't stop playing with clams on the beach or running up and...

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3 Generations

Pouring water over his face as he's sat in the sink, face turned to the window, sun warming his closed eyes - that feeling, right?  Makes you want to head off somewhere warm... A selection below from this beautiful shoot, featuring three generations and the sweetest...

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