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When is best to do a newborn session?
Well, and I bet you guessed this already, there really is no ‘right’ time – it’s all about what works best for you. 
The benefit of having the session soon after they are born (within 1-2 weeks) is they’re never this small again! While you’ll likely feel knackered (please excuse the massive understatement), in our pre-shoot chat I’ll share some great advice with you from clients who’ve done this before, so you can feel more confident going in to our session.

Another option is to wait until around 7-8 weeks, when there’s a better chance of a smile or two.  Or later – there are no rules!

The best way to feel completely comfortable at the newborn shoot is to do a pregnancy shoot with me first. This gives us a great opportunity to get to know each other before you have a whole new life in your hands, making sure our newborn session super relaxed.  Drop me a line if you’re interested in a combined Pregnancy & Newborn package.

I'm not too keen on having my photo taken. Do I have to be in them?
Aren’t we our own worst critics?!  Here’s the thing: all the people in my photos felt a bit self-conscious at first – this is totally normal and the great thing is that even if you feel like this, you can still come away with beautiful family photos you love. 

I can chat to you on the phone about how I can help make this happen and you can get a feel for how it all works over on the sessions page.

Will my kids have to sit still?!
Not unless they want to!  There is never any rush during our sessions – I photograph what you’re up to as a family, whether that’s eating huge piles of toast or running round the garden with your dog.   

If you have shy kids or ants-in-the-pants toddlers, I’ve some handy tricks up my sleeve to help everyone enjoy the session, making sure we get some great photos along the way.  We’ll talk about this in our pre-shoot chat, so we get the best photos out of our time together.  


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