what am I doing now?

I’m in the middle of production on: a feature-length documentary based on the book The Reason I Jump – you can read more about the film here on Variety.

I’m currently sharing my time between: film and photography – I have a limited number of photography sessions available each month. Drop me a line to chat about booking a session.

I’m on the fence about: whether to quit facebook for good… what do you reckon? I’m bad enough about updating Instagram or blog but fb too??

I’m an absolute convert to: Anatomy in Motion – after so many injuries over the years, this is continuing to be life-changing for me – take a look.

My current unrealistic aim is to: read the thigh-high pile of books stacked in my bedroom – or at the very least get that pile down to below my knee before the end of July… if my dog allows it…

That’s it – that’s what’s happening now now… I was inspired to write this by this Derek Sivers’ chat with Tim Ferriss and his Now Now Now site. What would you tell a friend you hadn’t seen in a year? And isn’t that just sooo much easier than writing an About page?!