The noise of the circular saw in the background, the rhythmic hammering of nails, persistent and growing layers of dust no matter how hard you try to keep it at bay. This was the location for my pregnancy shoot with Michelle – that classic “Grand Designs” kind of situation where you plan massive works on the house and get pregnant with twins at the same time… pretty impressive!

We shot in three stages – 6 months, 8 months and then when their two little boys were 7 wks. Capturing this incredible journey (all the while we were thinking she couldn’t get any bigger, lo and behold….), here’s a selection of the images:
 Quiet woman stood holding her pregnant belly in front of green lady picture Silhouette of woman pregnant with twins, black and white by window Silhouette of woman pregnant with twins, black and white, hair up laughing pregnant lady in front of picture of the green lady triptych of 6 month, 8 month, and then twin boysfather has a chat with one of his twin boys landscape of pregnant woman belly, black and white art Silhouette of woman pregnant with twins, black and white Pregnant lady reclining on bed, looking out of window thumbs up from mum having delivered twin boys, black and white pregnant with twins lady holds her belly New parents of twin boys chat to them on the sofa, documentary family mum of twin boys holds them, documentary black and white mum of twin boys laughing and holding them twin boys being held by mum in striped top on bed grandmother helps daughter hold her twins on bed 8 months pregnant with twins lady sits on bed couple hold their twins in their almost finished house building site mum blows air in baby's face on sofa, black and white documentary father nonchalantly walks through kitchen with son over one shoulder twins chilling in their seats in the sitting room, black and white 8 months pregnant lady standing next to green lady painting holding belly parents of twin boys sit on sofa with them tortoiseshell cat sat with twins baby shoes, black and white pregnant woman standing by white wall and framed picture of the green lady couple expecting twins, sat in a park, black and white documentary pregnant woman, by a tree in a park, sun on her face, black and white pregnant woman, fitted dress, stood by tree in a park couple expecting a baby sat on a log in a park wearing a leather jacket